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On-demand to low volume production. We develop design solutions optimised to take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing without the need for expensive tooling.

Design Development

We work with you every step of the way. From understanding your vision and requirements to optimising your design for 3D printing and selecting the optimal material for your application and design.

Track Progress

Whether it is a simple on-demand order or a more intricate new design project. Our cloud-based client portal allows you to communicate and track the progress of your project with us to completion through to delivery.

We are design engineers. We understand the ins and outs of the process to ensure that you can optimise and get the best results from your parts and designs. We work as your solutions partner every step of the way.



Classic Seat Wheel Caps by Hexa³ ® | Black SLA Resin 50µ, Painted and Lacquered

SLA maximum part size: 325x200x300mm               FDM maximum part size: 400x250x500mm



SLA uses a laser to cure and build seamless layers of photopolymer resin to form an object, with high precision and accuracy. This is the closest to moulded plastic components. Modern advancements in resins have enabled this technology for use in engineering  and many more applications.


Fused Deposition Modeling

With FDM, a filament of thermoplastic is heated on average to 200ºc and extruded in lines to fuse layers of plastic to create an object. Being the most affordable 3D printing method, this is ideal for prototyping components and enclosures. With many material and colour chooses, many things are possible  


Plastic Thermoforming

Vacuum forming is a versatile way of creating low cost moulds that can be reused to create multiple objects. We offer small scale vac-forming sheets made with single or multiple 3D printed patterns that can be cut out also.


Prototype Turning & Milling

We also offer manual machining capabilities to support our 3D printing service. Whether it is a one off, small batches or custom components/inserts to be used in combinations with your printed parts / assemblies. 

ImpacTrack Apple design for Martin Lishmans by Hexa³ ® | ABS Mimic SLA Resin 100µ


If you have an idea that you need to bring to reality, we can help. We do not just offer CAD, but where true design lies; in the detail. Optimising design specifications, requirements and limits to achieve reliable, manufactured parts


If you have a design/part that keeps failing, hasn't been designed to the correct requirements or is over-engineered. We can help optimise a design for manufacture, particular use cases and testing. Whether it be through FEA simulation or helping with setting up your tests in house. 


Whether you need a one-off prototype or small batch production. We can help you achieve the maximum from a design, by working with you with material selection and part optimisation to produce high quality, consistent parts using this complex manufacturing method.


Classic Aprilia Indicator Lenses by Hexa³ ® | Clear SLA Resin, Dyed and Lacquered


 About Hexa³®






Hexa³ ® was born through a necessity. A necessity to think differently and change the way things are done. To think about what can be done rather than what cannot, to find solutions to problems. To enable, not disable. With 3D printing and product design, possibilities are endless and ideas come to reality. 

The mission at Hexa³ ® is to provide high-quality end to end designs, prototypes and parts in collaboration with the customer needs and exacting specifications. Making it easier for you to access quality, reliable solutions. To customise and validate ideas, all in a cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable way.

Our Vision
We are a small business that aims to offer a professional, high quality and personalised experience, to all our customers. We remain optimised to not only offer personalised 1:1 service but to also reduce our overheads and carbon footprint, so we can pass those savings back to our customers. 


Often companies are so focused on growth; their service, costs and products suffer as a consequence. We focus on being consistent, sustainable and reliable. 


3D printing and product design are complex, but we can enable you to find new opportunities.

 About James

An experienced Product Design Engineer with a demonstrated, almost 20-year history of working in the design industry. Taking consumer products from concept through to production. Several years ago James was diagnosed and lives with a life-changing disability that has made him look at everything from a different perspective, challenging the way things are done and finding new ways of solving problems. He has strong professional skills in Design for Manufacture, Product Design & Optimization, Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), Product Reliability, and 3D Printing & Prototyping

Impeller | Ivory ABS/PC FDM Filament 150µ



Lincrusta Heritage.png

Mould Patterns for Lincrusta Heritage by Hexa³ ® | Grey SLA Resin 100µ


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